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Data science in esoteric programming languages

Better A/B testing with Racket

Racket is a favorite of academics and hackers. In this post we explore reinforcement learning and Bayesian inspired A/B testing with this fun language.

Logistic Regression in Yorick

Learn the relation between likelihood, the logistic function, and a dynamically typed array processing language from LLNL

Central Tendency in Brat

How do you know where the center of your data is? What is the difference between mean, median, mode, and more? Brat is a fun little language with a fascinating syntax.

Data Exploration in J

Getting started in data science? We talk about some common strategies and pitfalls for data exploration in a fun (crazy?) array processing language.

Monte Carlo integration in Hylang

Do you want to calculate pi in a weird way? Love Lisp + Python? In this post we use Hylang and Monte Carlo integration to calculate the value of pi.

Customer Churn in J

What makes your customers leave? What makes them stay? How do you tell? We use a fancy array processing language J to answer some of these questions.

First Plot in J

Time to first plot is a fun metric for new languages (some languages can't even plot at all). We explore plotting in J.