Andrew Carr

Machine Learning

I am a computational mathematician that specializes in machine learning currently working on my PhD. I love answering tough questions with data. I have a track record of solving problems to decrease costs and increase revenue in a variety of organizations.
I have a particular interest in high performance computing, AI safety, social impacts of AI, information geometry, optimal transport, and data visualization.
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Google Brain, Paris

This coming summer I am going to join the Brain team in Paris to work on optimal transport and differentiable optimization research.

I'm excited


Lyft, Level 5

I was a machine learning intern on the Prediction team in Lyft's automonous vehicles devision. I worked on dynamic vehicle motion prediction. I used a combination of physics based and data based predictive tools.

I also built a number of tools for my team that increased their development speed. These included a robust A/B platform, visualization tools, build scripts, and other process specific tools


On the side

I have tons of random projects in applied math, machine learning, and data science. Feel free to check out my projects page or my blog.



I worked as a machine learning engineering intern at Qualtrics on their text team. I had two successful projects during this time.

One was for spam detection which saved significant money in potential damages. The other project was a novel topic tracking algorithm. This work, which was a blend of LDA and probabilistic kalman filters, was eventually patented and is a key piece of technology for the team.


Amazon Alexa Prize

I was a member of Team EVE for the Amazon alexa prize challenge. We were 1 of 8 teams selected out of 200+ for this competition.

We were tasked to build a social conversational agent for Alexa that could carry on a 20 minute conversation about arbitrary topics

This problem is still unsolved and research is ongoing.

I built offensive speech filtering tools that beat Amazon's internal tools. I also designed a complex sentiment analysis tool that operated as a heuristic for knowledge retrieval from the web


Competitive Coding Instructor

I was approached by the director of the applied math program and asked if I could teach a class on competitive coding and algorithms. Mitch Probst and I designed the class, implemented curriculum, and taught for 2 semesters.

12 of our students placed in the top 20 of various competitions throughout the year. Many have since gone on to great programming jobs at top organizations.


Private Capital Group

I spent a summer working at a real estate investment firm as a software engineer. I built back office software for the law team that helped save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. I also built a CRM for the sourcing group.


Development TA

While a student in the applied math program. I worked to write programming labs for the curriculum. We were building the ship as we sailed. I worked on graph theory, optimization, profiling, computer vision, and optimal control theory.

I was also a TA for the control theory course while concurrently enrolled. This was another "trial by fire" experience in learning new material.


Perception, Control, Cognition Lab

I worked with Dr David Wingate for a number of years on fundamental machine learning research. I won a number of competitions, spoke to large groups, presented key findings, and published our work.



I worked as a quality assurance intern at Domo on their internal app store. I reviewed 100s of apps, and wrote several myself. These apps were used by customers to visualize different types of data from various sources.


Carnegie Mellon University

I spent a summer in Pittsburgh as an IT Lab Fellow in the Heinz College. I researched body cameras and police violence along with videogames as a tool to assist refugees learning english.


Math Research

Soon after discovering my love for mathematics, and switching into the applied and computational math program, I started working with Dr Vianey Villamizar on numerical solutions for the wave equation.

I was in over my head, but loved every moment. I took a few grad classes to get up to speed.


BYU Studies

On campus I worked on a VB.NET application. I built a number of custom order websites in a variety of technologies. This work supported me through a large portion of my studies.


Summit Engineering and Consulting

After high school, I worked as a web developer for an engineering firm. I was hired on with very minimal programming knowledge. I went to the local library and checked out every programming book they had. I'm not sure why I thought "Perl in a Nutshell" would help me style my HTML pages.

I made a few web sites for local businesses in the area and for the firm itself. It was an extremely formative time of self study.